Storm Damage

We have had over 25 years experience in cleaning up a wide variety of storm-damaged trees off residential and commercial properties as required by insurance companies.

Looking and assessing the damage storms have done to your trees can be a difficult and daunting experience, especially if you’re not an expert in the field. An interesting and reassuring fact is that many trees have their own healing abilities.

Typically three different kinds of tree damage occurs:

  • Branch wounds
  • Trunk wounds
  • Root wounds

The smaller of the branch wounds can sometimes be fixed with tree pruning. Trees with little storm damage can usually be taken care of with minor pruning of dead, dying or damaged limbs.

If you encounter much larger and older trees, you may require the advice of trained professionals (that’s us!), particularly older trees with high-reaching branches or limbs. Tree Removal is sometimes the best or most suited option for trees with catastrophic bark damage, trunk damage or canopy damage.
Instead of dumping the trees – look into our Garden Mulch and Chipping services.

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The team are very experienced in the removal of storm damaged trees

Storm Damaged Trees Melbourne
Storm Damaged Trees Melbourne